We are a family owned and operated business who’s goal is to provide CBD at competitively low prices for consumers. All of our isolate is lab tested and contains the purest CBD on the market.  All of our products contain absolutely NO THC and we only stock products with 99%+ purity levels of CBD, this means you won’t feel high and can go about your day to day activities while still getting relief.

This makes our products legal in all 50 states.  All of our products are safe for any type of consumption!  Our all-natural products are formulated using 99% CBD concentrate, so that the milligram dosage is carefully controlled, and the substance retains its potency.

We are partnering with many companies around the US who are creating different CBD products who are adding our isolate in foods, drinks, oils, lotions, pills, vapes, dog treats, and a variety of other products.

Join us on our journey toward spreading the benefits of CBD and helping our communities live happy, healthier lives!